Your Configuration

Create your own lentils

From the chocolate core to the coloring, polishing and packaging. Create your own mix of lentils, customized to your needs and applications.

When you are done configuring, you can request a full product specification and/or a quote of your customized lentil.


   - Yearly MOQ of 18 tonnes (order MOQ 6 tonnes)

   - Different certification options

   - Select between more than 40 colors


1. Center

Choose the center of your lentil.

1. Center

2. Certification

2. Lentil Size

Choose the size of your lentil.

Lentil Size

3. Coating

Choose the coating of your lentil.


4. Coloring

Choose the color type and up to 8 color(s). 

1. Coloring type

2. Color(s)

5. Glazing agents

Choose the glazing agent of your lentil(s).

Glazing agents

6. Packaging

Choose the package.


Request Quote / Product Specification

Please notice that the configured lentil mix can require subsequent testing and therefore in rare cases we can only partially meet your request.

Expected response time is 5 business days, but we will handle your request as fast as possible.